Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eat your mistakes.

Cayenne pepper deserves more street cred. It is HOT. I stupidly underestimated the glorious power of said spice and doubled the amount called for in my brain (I was making up the recipe for something along the lines of Spicy Peanut) as I went, and threw in a healthy cup. Whoops. It was spicy alright. Lesson learned. Kent said something dead appropriate this morning as he somberly threw two BRAND NEW turkeys into the garbage in front of me (long story, and it was my fault) when he said "in this kitchen, we eat our mistakes". I agreed very humbly and I knew from that moment on I would never forget those words. Eat your mistakes, cook away pain. Brilliant adage in my opinion. So the day was a bit shaky, but somehow I pulled off eight hours with a happy face.

Upon returning home from work, I cleaned my Jessica Alba of which I have been riding seriously and sheepishly for the past week. The pavement is dry and I am always with helmet, but I still feel sheepish because I was instructed that "this is not a winter bicycle" from the man who set me up with her in the first place. Oh well. I cleaned it, top to bottom. There were even Q-Tips involved, so there. Anyway, it feels spectacular to ride again, fast and hard. I got a nod from a fellow fixy rider early one morning last week and my heart sang out because of it. A single nod, so precious in wintertime.

I should get busy, my dear dear Babs Banhart (Rabbi) is ascending upon my doorstep in a mere hour and my home is in utter disarray. We will cook! We will laugh! We will drink! We will recline! We will do all of these things to our hearts content while we can, because my dear best friend is relocating to Argentina and Bolivia for TWO WHOLE MONTHS with Kitty. What will I do without them? Whose bar will I sit at after work, whose couches will I curl up on, whose clothes will I steal? I am lost without the Rabbi. So tonight, we toast to our last days together until we see each other again. In the meantime, I will print and finish my damn art journal for NSCAD. It is swallowing me whole.

Anyone interested in an art party? I need to be held accountable like whoa. Any takers, feel free to comment yay or nay. Also, the lovely Lisa King took this wonderful picture the last time she was over for dinner at my house. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Lisa, COME OVER soon. These are the types of things that go on at my house on a regular basis: bikes, babes, art, wine. Come on down, I am bound to be lonely all of February.



  1. I want to be held accountable to a non-school based art party.
    Let's roam with pockets full of film and then find a dark space and print for days.

  2. Apologies for tooting my own horn to give you some insight into my world.....Uh okay from 12 years of kitchens i have successfully ruined
    -10 Litres of Aplle Shrry Vinagrette by using Grainy Dijon instead of regular
    - 8 Litres of Green Curry Cream Base by accidentally pouring someones base for their Vanilla Bean mousse in said mix
    - Umpteen pounds of burnt Bacon
    -25 Lbs of burnt to black Jasmin Rice as I put the cooking pans on the oven floor.
    And thats just the stuff i actually got caught for/ remembered. Chin up was a great way to go about it. We live to cook another day.
    PS I once ate 17 pieces of cajuned chicken skin (cooked) on a bet/dare, 10 Lbs of Turkey would be right up my ally