Sunday, January 25, 2009

Montreal is a stone's throw.

Oh, one more thing. JJ/Loco, I miss you. Picking up these pictures of you and rifling through them in the middle of Safeway almost did me in, JJ. Loco, you should be in these. Soon.

Not soon enough, M

Post script, here is one of Barfredo and I, for good measure (on NYE).

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  1. those photos remind me of warm times despite the coldest weather. i smile a smug smile knowing full well why my face wore a scarf so high; red lipstick has changed my life.

    i just came back from a run. OUTDOORS! and it's still january. wish you were here to run with me - of course, it snows tomorrow and for the rest of the week. regardless, go east lover, home will find you too. i trust you've sent your appli,, you made me promise to be a pest? the future doesn't wait...!

    talk to me baby,