Saturday, January 17, 2009


There are few things in life that make me more happy than (in no particular order):

a.) picking up my dry cleaning on a fixed gear on a balmy Saturday morning
b.) putting on a freshly pressed tuxedo shirt
c.) working happily in silence beside a Scandinavian man with good glasses named Leif at Martha
d.) eating a raisin bran muffin while on a morning bicycle ride
e.) greasy breakfast at one in the afternoon with best friends in a pub
f.) not waking up to a foreign touch, but waking up smiling
g.) seven cups of coffee with seven different people in only a four hour time span
h.) drawing beside Alfie while he does the crossword at our favorite coffee shoppe
i.) linking arms with the same people at the same spot every single Saturday
j.) going out to dinner with my best lady Rabbi and never second guessing whether or not heels are appropriate.

I had a brilliant day off. Every hour was spent doing something different for the most part, but the morning was my favorite. Coffee in bed, reading aloud, track standing in the living room (with help), carrying my bike on my shoulder and out the door like a purse, riding slowly at first, riding more wildly when my legs remembered what to do, pop-ins, breakfast, a chat with Erin at Pear, laughing loud, discussing the worst names of the 1980's over eggs and bacon (Brittany and Cody were front runners), and waltzing from the Library to the Exchange on Alfie's arm, the both of us pretending we were European even though neither of us said so, being known in two very different neighborhoods as a cyclist in one and a maker in the other.

The week has been interesting. Indian buffet with Anne M and her lover Scott was tops and while I will never have intelligent conversation, I will always laugh. Laugh we did. Couple of the year, seriously. By the way Anne M, your kitchen wall looks brilliant. Martha Stewart would be psyched, I think.

I am late, dolled up, top bunned, lipsticked, thinking of a man who works out, smiling and ready for an evening over sushi with Babs Banhart.

Peace, the Queen.

"I am sweet?"
"Not modest, but yes, you are sweet"
"I am sweet".

More laughter.

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