Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nettie Rose at the stove.

Spring made face today. I woke up optimistic in all Winnipeg had to offer, put on stripes and mesh and thermal and boots and leather and leapt out the door with a noticeable spring in my step. Andrew and I perched at our counter and Bar Italia and shot the shit with Abi until Alfie came to join us and eventually we all rose from our cappuccinos to walk to the Village for breakfast. Little Tadpoles across the board with my boyfriends. How nice. I bought a new record under Andrew's advice and cradled it in my arms all the way home. Dark Was The Night: a Red Hot Compilation, the official new soundtrack of my sort of Spring, sort of Winter season. It is stacked to the tits with guest appearances by all my favorite musical greats: Andrew Bird, Cat Power, the Decemberists, Feist, Ben Gibbard, Antony, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine (who I discovered today while reading the paper on my second coffee run to BI with Alfie are playing at the Folk Festival. That alone sealed the deal of my pending attendance as they are my favorite), Yo La Tengo (Rabbi, I think of you every time I hear them), Grizzly Bear, Blonde Redhead, My Brightest Diamond, the National, Jose Gonzales, and Bon Iver among many others. Really? Really.

I just threw dinner in the oven (scalloped potatoes, farmer sausage, onions, garlic, dill, cream HEY GIRL, and a side of corn) and the evening is wide open. Looks like it will be another night in curled up with a book and the quiet. This time change as the cause of the subtle shift in light has completely lifted the darkened shadow that was shrouding my face and personality and I feel better. Adieu SAD, until next year when we meet again...

Setting the table for dinner in the last of the day's light. Three more days left until Rabbi arrives.
Dark was the night, light was the day.

Nice to see you again running water in the streets.


    this post is wonderful.

    p.s. i neeeeed that album.

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  3. Is there not an Arcade Fire song on this album?

  4. thank you for spreading the word about this album. amazing.
    see you at ff.

  5. for months i have been meaning to send you a copy of this exact album to raise your spirits. the national's track "so far around the bend" makes me think to you every single time. this is the sound spring '09. je t'aime my madgesty.