Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dads in the hall.

Jenny Lewis and Will Oldham and Karen Dalton and I hung out at the studio today. I was too tired to talk, so I just hummed along with them. Tied up loose ends and ate some toast with peanut butter. Sula's party last night at her and Rich's new home was exactly as I expected: phenomenal. Actually it was better than phenomenal. That is a group of women to be reckoned with. My grand entrance to the party was unplanned and when everyone's heads snapped up, their eyes to the giant beast in my hands, I had to go with it and hoot my head off in the entrance. I think it is safe to say that Shira and I took that party to high school heights. Jill went bananas, Lo and I danced in the kitchen, Lisel and I slumped against each other any chance we could and I stared at all the boys. At one point I happened to be out in the hall when Ben, Pete and Colin (the Fish is back from his coming of age trip in real Mexico) were standing under a bright and naked bulb in the white washed hallway and I just stared at them and ran for my camera. "STAY STILL" and ran. I came back and they were still standing there mid conversation when I steadied myself and shot them two times (once for good luck). I remember saying quietly more to myself than to them, "someday your daughters will thank you for this shot". Some day your daughters will thank the lady in the hallway who saw how lovely their dads were before they ever did. Young, beautiful men. The most interesting beautiful men I have ever seen in Winnipeg for sure. I am probably that lady at parties who stares at all the boys, but I do it out of admiration more than crushing lust. These men are more lovely than anything. They are all dating the lovely women! The women at that party never fail to blow me out of the water. We don't see each other often, but when we do it is because our worlds have pushed us together and we have no choice but to embrace the moment and each other. So we do. It is uncanny how the men and the women segregate into halves. We sit and lean and perch and hover on couches and rugs and chair backs laughing and oh ahhing at each other. And we usually dance. There is always food and wine and very suitable music. Sula and Rich are very, very good hosts. I wish I had a digital camera on nights like those.

Too tired to do much save for bathe. Off to read and bathe. Thinking of Montreal in summer. Thinking of my women friends who continually astound me. The following pictures are of a few members that make up Girls Club. We are a girl's club called Girls Club.

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