Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My neck, my back.

An injury a day keeps the demons at bay.

Or something. Apparently the world is preparing me for something painful. Everyday for this past week I have been hurt, gotten hurt by the elements and by my own stupidity or disconnect with my surroundings. First it was bailing, hard, on the Osborne bridge in full running gear during rush hour. I slipped and went down on the sidewalk, my knee taking the brunt of the weight. Thanks knee, thanks ice. The picture below does not do the insane bruise justice.

Then it was my neck; I don't remember how or why or what explains the pain in the neck, but it has been there since day before yesterday. After the neck came the hand. The hand and the aforementioned industrial meat slicer encounter. It is healing up splendidly and I am sad there is no photographic evidence of the massive bruise snaking across majority of my right hand. Today it was something else entirely. Rags and I decided to be spontaneous and bad ass and we scaled two fences and even tripped an alarm at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Steinbach, Manitoba. We both needed to get out of the city, breathe some different air and eat a waffle drowning in white sauce. So we did. We left this town for another and had a hot affair in the thrift shop. Oh, but before all of that, the daily injury. Today's pain (in the foot and hamstring) are due to a getaway gone awry. In an attempt to scale our last fence and be free of the confinement that is the MHM, I opted to climb first. Sadly my boot got hooked in a jumble of metal and I pitched to my near death, head first into a pile of snow. As I hung upside down calmly, shirt above my head, black bra exposed to all of the Mennonites of Steinbach, striped legs dangling and caught, I made sure I was alive and no bones broken and then yelled "take a goddamn picture Rags!". So she did. This one is for the books; a day in the life of Rags and the PhMD.

We made it out of there, tires squealing, pleased as punch with our getaway and wandered the aisles of my favorite thrift store in the world. JJ, I found the sexiest jumpsuit in the universe and the next time I wear it out, it will be in your honor. I think the ladies working the till were pleased to see our mountain of finds grow taller and taller as we wove through the shop. With seven new/old pairs of thermal long johns, a wool sweater that would look smashing on my dad, a rain hat, said sexy jumpsuit, and a Christian Dior french cuffed button down for $1.50, my planting wardrobe is now in full effect. I just test drove an outfit to the post office and it was all gravy, with wool socks to boot.

It was a solid day, a "mental health day" long overdue despite all the injuries and stares received. God bless rural Manitoba towns as they are wishing wells of inspiration. With that said, it is good to be home. An additional entry of thought, feel free to internet hop and check out Rags' account of the day at AMN Daily that includes more pictures for your looking enjoyment.


  1. You're an amazing individual, Madge. Be careful out there.

  2. that picture made me gaffaw. literally

  3. Oh my. I too laughed out loud at the photo, then felt guilty for it.