Friday, April 17, 2009

Expanding family.

There is a new boy in my life.

Jessica Alba has no idea what the hell to do now that she has been demoted from the high shelf to the hardwood. Sorry Alba, I still love you very much. Introducing the latest addition to my humble stable, DG, named after the color of this bicycles powder coat. He weighs less than my head of hair and is as fast (if not faster) than the devil himself. This is definitely new riding territory for me and if I am not careful, this baby will be the death of me. This one rides like a dream, is light as a feather, but demands a type of riding that my other bicycle does not. So far I have experienced one case of Phantom Brake while riding like a bat out of hell in between lanes in the Village when I was cut off by some ding-dong in the largest SUV I have ever seen. Narrowly escaping death (unscathed at that), I will admit in that millisecond of panic I phantom braked (there are no brakes) and quickly resorted to an entire winter's worth of skidding. Close. The rush is worth it. I don't know how else to put it. If you ride, you know.

DG's specs are a jump up from dear Jessica Alba's set up, but I love them both equally; like children. A list, for those interested, scan ahead if you are not. Surly Steamroller Track (50cm in David "Grey") frame, Shimano 105 cranks, Cinelli Grammo titanium stem, Nitto bars, Campagnolo Record Pista hub laced to Velocity Fusion rim on the back, and on the front a Xero Lite hub is laced to Velocity rim. Rags kindly took these pictures after I called her from her sunlit porch like Romeo wooing Juliet. Thanks girl, I adore you.

Welcome to the family, baby.

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  1. Meg, that's fucking beautiful. Let's go riding soon.