Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mount Castoff.

Devendra and Jana Hunter are on, spinning recklessly and my home is upside down. The bathroom has been stripped of its library and of its art. Just the towels are left, flapping soundlessly in despair. I feel naked on behalf of those blank, staring walls. It has begun, I am leaving.

Turn that frown upside down.

I am obviously stalling the inevitable; packing up my life and taping eight hundred yet-to-be-packed boxes shut. I have conveniently avoided picking up packing tape and markers and boxes, so the process will be a slow moving train today. But, I am still a little under the weather so I do not feel guilty.

This morning I woke up from the dead of T3 slumber (I am my mother's daughter) and showered slowly, painstakingly slowly as to not wear/wash off the glorious effects of unprescribed medication. A Montreal letter from JJ arrived (via the internet) while I was slow motion bathing and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. While I wish she was here to sit dead center in the wake of my home upheaval, she is there and I am here and I will have to imagine her as the yay or naysayer that I am desperately in need of. No batwing to covet in this closet. Only fur and silk and oversized men's dress shirts with french cuffs. Yay to all of the above.

As I wrote back to JJ, today is the first day of the rest of my life. If you are wise dear readers, you will follow your feet to Ben/Colin/Pete's giant clothing swap studio party that is taking place on Friday night. I will be found on top of said pile, having trimmed the fat of my closet (Loco style) today, and casting the evidence of said Closet Exorcism onto the growing mountain of Unwanteds. Gone are the days of fringe and high waisted skirts. Good bye boots, good bye bags, good bye denim jumpsuit. Actually, on second thought I am going to keep the jumpsuit. I love that thing.

But first, before I climb Mount Castoff, an outing with the man with the legs at an exhibition for minds who see life in lines and not en rose. (Pardon me, I am heavily medicated).

Old phase of life, adieu.
New phase of life, hello.

1 comment:

  1. ladybird,

    trimming the fat is the only thing to do.
    it will make you feel much lighter, trust me.
    so stick a FUCKING flag in mount castoff!

    love loco.