Monday, May 25, 2009

About town.

Wet apple blossoms.
Baby green colored shrubs.
White on pavement, rain rain rain.
Clean sheets with stripes.
Breakfast laid down like a newborn beside the bed.
Creamed earl grey with Babs.
Abi's laugh.
Short latte, black.
Bare toes.
A man in a green cardigan holding a passport printed umbrella.
A sort of letterpress class at high noon.
Hand drawn loose leaf.
Jeanette's delicate gold leaf.
Copper etching smell.
Boyfriend socks.
One green apple eaten.
Thinking of Liza.
Missing JJ.
A noon hour kiss in a fishy entrance way.
More silvery rain.
A silver bun on the bus.
Crazy people coming out of the woodwork.
Helvetica, everywhere possible.
Back at home, espresso cups strewn about.
Thom's shirt smell.
Handwritten notes dappling white and wood surfaces.
Two cameras on the coffee table.
Hella for Ikea, apparently.
Three pairs of glasses for two with 20/20 vision.
Willy Wonka's sunglasses.
Six apples in a bowl, uneaten.
A cup for lager, filled with pretentious pens.
Teak and green fabric.
A low hanging pendant.
Light wind from the north east.
No mail.
Good Monday.

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