Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beauty and the Bride.

Just before I followed the North winds into the bush nearly two months ago, I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the candid jazz of my friend Stef Shortt's wedding to her beloved other, Emery. Despite my own camera calling it quits on me in the hours before the wedding (Tristan came to my rescue with similar gear to my own), the wedding party took the reigns and all I had to do was capture their laughter and their beauty and the rest was history. It was a pleasure, trust me. To those of you who have already viewed these on the Face and on Flickr, pardon me; this batch will be old news. Stef makes a gorgeous bride. At the end of the day--camera catastrophes aside--this is all that matters. She nailed it, everyone nailed it. This was another Pear (amix) wedding for the books. Christie, you are next!!!! Or Erin! Or Sambeth! Whoever decides to get hitched next, I will be there with my rightful camera and one million rolls of film. I promise.

Here is a sample of Stef and Emery's day of joy. Enjoy. (Grandma, click on the image to see the large version; click on the back arrow to get back to this page. Love you girl).

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