Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are so young.

I am in JJ and Richard's white and wood apartment in pretend Europe, Montreal. They have french windows (I know) and plants that are growing like manicured and babied weeds. Richard looks so handsome when he smokes standing up. JJ is in the background laughing on the floor. Today Richard shot a Fuji polaroid of us standing outside of their lovely home: me in stripes and the Hawk's specs, braids wound around my head, JJ in black and leather and fur, curls flying. We are laughing and looking silly in the crisp black and white photo. I just looked at it now lying on Richard's desk beside his pretty bell jar, just before I approached the computer to sit and to record the day's day. Too much to write. I stood looking at it over Michael's shoulder thinking that someday I will look back and think "God, we were young once". Because we were. Because we are.

We are so young.

So anyway, with that concept in mind, I am in Montreal--land of french bagels and gay babes--being young. Last night we tromped down the street in heels to dance at some ridiculous bar in the Village. Sadly no one told us there was a Wood Nymph slash Spirit Animal avec headdress theme. Lo befriended a fellow crow with a token Montreal lesbian haircut and wore the most amazing feather headdress of all time. Only Loco. But before all that, Loco, the light of my life came to JJ's pre crow-jam with lips dripping red (amazing amazing) and a bottle of red in the crook of her arm. At one point when the three of us were squawking on JJ's bed, shooting the shit at rapid fire pace, one of us stopped for a moment and shed light on the fact that the three of us were finally in the same room together.

Long. Over. Due.

They are so lovely. This morning we ate brunch, haggardly, partook in a lung or two, and got ready for the Pop Art craftsale in Mile End. This was around the time when Richard thought it appropriate to take our photo on our merry way out the door because we were being such ridiculous girls. (I do not remember the last time I have been such a girl. This coming from the girl who spent the summer being anything but ladylike... no wonder).

We had a lovely day. Long walks in wool tights and heels in coral leaves, bagels and cream cheese, vinyl shopping in church basements (Devendra, Timbre Timbre and Bell Orchestre scores among others), meeting friends new and old in the neighborhood, sipping the best coffee in beautiful cafes (everywhere), eating pastries, talking silk screen shop with secret co-op printers (new art for my new home) and taking so so so many photos. The best part was standing on a street corner in this beautiful neighborhood with a bag on my shoulder filled with new vinyl and watching someone walking down the street towards me with a very familiar swagger. Sure enough, we came closer to our respective stoplights and hugged in the middle of the avenue, neither of us paying attention to anything else. Only Alfie; no words necessary. It was a brilliant day. I like this city a lot a lot.

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