Monday, December 7, 2009

Meet you in Kawaii.

"HEY EVERYBODY" as Mister Kaleb Mihn would yell, two baby new restaurants open today! I happen to work at both of them. My sister happens to run one of them. The parents of two of the most beautiful babies in the city happen to run the other one.

Kawaii Crepe (Kawaii means cute in Cantonese) in the Village. Go! Eat crepes and stare at all the babes who work there. Seriously. There are a lot of disgustingly good looking people on the payroll over there. (Photo cred: Brittany Hildebrandt).

The Albert Diner in the Exchange. Come! Eat! The BBQ tofu burger is back. 9:30-3 open during the week. Drink, listen to good music and look at the pretty babies/babes. Baby Olive and Baby Alice are Albert fixtures these days. I can't believe I get paid to serve there. Come visit soon. Yes? Yes. Nils and Thom designed the menu et al. Enough said.

Come one, come all.


  1. I'm stoked the Albert is open again, it's such a good addition to the neighbourhood, and I'm so super stoked for you'r sis's baby. Crepes and bubble tea are a match made in Vegas quickie wedding heaven.

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  3. I am greatly anticipating my first experience at Erin's cafe; but i am also excited there is a possibility of also seeing you. i keep telling your mama that our bible study needs to make a date to hit up this new food place.