Monday, February 1, 2010

Megan as my sister.

Good things are happening today. Woke up beside my sister, both of us haggard and sore from a weird bed in our parent's basement. Our mum singsonged us up and out of said bed and there was coffee on, women in paint clothes, sisters in mismatched stripes. Grandpa drove us home, what a gem. Thank you for the ride Syd, you rule. I got home in the morning and cleaned up the last of the evidence of Saturday night. Sequins and stomach acid and left over bread ends on the bedside table and crumpled clothes reeking of tequila. It was Jillian's birthday and things got a little excessive on my part.


My mum hooked me up with new 400's (planting boots) because my old ones exploded in the last week of Spray. Thanks girl, you rule. Like father like daughter? Sometimes. Anyway, I have been clomping around town in these babies, breaking them in slow but sure. I walked to the coffeeshop to bro down with Nick Serduletz (good man) and opened my email to find a jewel of a letter from Misty, my boss at MCIC (Manitoba Council for International Cooperation), the company through which I teach silkscreen to turds in rural Manitoba towns. Apparently, some of said turds from my last workshop in Gimli (a complete and utter shitshow where I ended up blowing a New Moon vampire movie reference terribly [they looked at me like I was one hundred years old] AND persuading a bunch of twelve year olds that university can WAIT and they should all do themselves a favor and go to Europe and learn to cook before they apply to any post secondary... oh God, I can't believe MCIC still hands me teaching contracts) had a handful of things to say after all the inks were put away and their fresh shirts were hung to dry:

(Silkscreening) Fun, because of lots of colour.
(Silkscreening) It was so fun, I thought it was so interesting and SO much fun!
(Silkscreening) I think it was interesting.
(Silkscreening) It was awesome, I want to do it again.
(Silkscreening) It was very fun for me to make a design for a t-shirt because I`ve never done that before.
(Silkscreening) Cool to do a design on a top, but we should be able to do at least 2 tops.
(Silkscreening) My workshop was fun because of Megan. She`s cool.
(Silkscreening) It was really fun and I am going to use my skills to make t-shirts to raise money for Haiti.
(Silkscreening) It was fun. I like my t-shirt very much.
(Silkscreening) I would like to have Megan as my sister.

Oh, so tender. Twelve year olds have very interesting thought processes. I am someone's sister and sometimes I blow it at that too. Got to run, on Mondays I volunteer at Art City. See photo below (cred goes to the lovely Beth Ashton, thank you for this photo). I may teach from time to time, but I am a student at heart. The portfolio has yet to take on a shape, but paper is being ordereeeeeeeeeeed tonight. I love expensive cardstock.

Peace pals.

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