Thursday, February 11, 2010

Os Coxae.

To be quick as light, dark as night, drunk with spite, things are happening again.

And again.
And again.
And again.

I picked up my dry cleaning today and ended up leaning on Shannon's counter at Perths for 25 minutes, discussing retirement (or lack thereof) and of working minimum wage jobs (because you have to) when one is 55. Interesting ground coverage this afternoon. I learned plenty today.

There is someone whose favorite bone in the human body is the Os Coxae, or better known at the pelvic bone. There is someone whose tiny diamond catches light from halfway across the room. (I do not have time for these details these days, trust me). Interesting. There is someone who is too kind looking for his own good, stripes attached to the longest legs in the world, those very legs bowing like birches when he walks across the stained rug. I have watched. I would watch everyday if I could. I do not have time for anything.

JF is taking me to the symphony. Thus my clean shirt. Right now the New Music Festival is going on at Winnipeg's Centennial Concert Hall (letters capitalize) and women are wearing ball gowns and the men are bowing more than usual. Jillian informed me that tonight the show will revolve around an avant-guarde throat singer. Ooh la la. Crisp shirts and tight pants and heels. No printing, no portfolio, no ink stains. Tonight is a night on the town.

In other news:
- Pears apples are my new favorite fruit.
- I dry clean my favorite articles of clothing (on rotation) once a week. With or without money in my bank account.
- I need more sleep.
- I have a frightening amount of photographs taken of children's room on my desktop right now.

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