Thursday, March 11, 2010

European storks.

I am drawing storks at the coffeeshop, watching the gorgeous man in the heavy boots between stork mock ups. Townes Van Zandt is on, pens are scattered about; it feels good to think about printing again. I had to take a little rest after the portfolio mayhem. But now that Lila Pearl was born last week, I am about to be back in the print saddle again because I am in charge of nailing the girl child's announcement cards. I like projects like this: 5x7 cardstock, three colors, get creative.

Also, I like this lady's look. If I lived in Europe and could afford a garden salad, an espresso and a Perrier everyday, this would be my look too. Maybe, maybe not. Damn! I am jonesing for Europe with my lover. Slumped against the other in one hundred trains, poverty meals, European magazines, cheese, dollar rouge, bread, picnics in Hyde Park, petit pain, meandering and what have you. Not yet, not yet. Soon, soon. Oh, oh.

Anchored in Winnipeg and feeling fine, Megs.

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