Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bones Brigade.

After an incredible slump and a little bit of self learning and readjustment, a touch of frustration and some pouting at the table, a few angry-with-myself dishes and much awe for one person and one insane tofu scramble with curry fried potatoes to come home to in the morning, I am back in the saddle.

A new collaboration project. Experimentation with film. Good family pictures in the middle of the afternoon during the first rainfall of Spring. Babies in shoes. Tiny children playing with a boy-dressed-as-a-wolf marionette. Dinners in the darkest hours. Waking up, reaching out for the prettiest elephant I have ever seen. A welcomed cat on the bed.

Here is a taste of new work involving myself, J Alba, her boyfriend and my own. We have plenty of work to do. So far so good.

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