Friday, July 23, 2010

Amethyst calling.

Amethyst has been tailing me for a few weeks now. I first saw it when Mitch started printing with the color and then I started seeing it polished on women's nails as change exchanged hands over the counter at my dumb coffee shop job. Then came the vacation shirts in the same color waltzing in and out of sight and then I saw it in the bricks on my way to work. Purple everywhere. Amethyst calling, indeed. Yesterday Jillian and I were stuffing our paws into a greasy bag filled with dough and cinnamon bun slop when I walked straight into a wall of Amethyst stones in the Forks market upstairs. Maybe eight minutes before this, I was telling her about my strange attraction to this very color. Regardless, it was an interesting experience because I have never been drawn to a stone of any sort. I copied down a few facts about Amethyst in my shortest of hand, all the while freaking out the girl working the counter. Here is what was scratched out in red ink:

Amethyst--- peace, wisdom, intelligence

Symbol- Pisces (Lo)
Plant- Fern
Element- Water
Planet- Neptune
Affirmation- I believe

All good things in my books. Purple is the new black at Casa Smith. Oh yeah, 32 days until we leave. I woke up this morning and Mitch had made a countdown on the giant bulletin board. What a guy. Peace.


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