Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roosting in Chinese laundry.

I was just about to unlock to the door to leave, but then I swerved around the empty boxes blocking the door at the last moment and wove back around to my computer with the belt on my coat flying. Here I am, back. Away from the boxed door. Yikes the boxes have begun. That means there another move just around the corner. This will be the fourth time I have moved the contents of my once-home between two points, one direction or another. Then one more move in Montreal and then I plan on SITTIN' PRETTY FOR A WHILE. Mark my words. Roosting time is welcomed.

I am excited at the thought of a new home with Mitch. We crashed all of our things into this tiny home that we are soon to leave, and made it really nice (thank goodness it was all white). I am looking forward to starting again, this time more thoughtfully, together. Although, I will be sad to leave my red geraniums behind. I will be sad to sift through all of the things I have collected and say "no" to ninety percent of them. Zach and Mel's three mexican sisters are coming with. I started with all the tiny papers I have collected throughout the year (August to August) and dating them, meandering in thought as I went, Cat Power singing about New York in the soft back. (The probability of watching Cat Power in New York is soon to be much higher than it were living in Winnipeg). It was nice. Papers are done.

Now it is time to sift through the art. Acquaintances of mine and Mitch's are having a Sympathy Art Sale in a few weeks (they are moving too) which I thought was quite brilliant. Not the sympathy part, but the art sale part. We don't need sympathy, we need cash. With that said, we are going to have an art sale too. Besides, it is high time our family and friends see the work this guy is putting out! Whoa, my man! Exciting art times at Casa Smith. Our art sale will be before Erin's wedding in the middle of August some time. Keep close for more.

Lo is in town! Whoa, that thought is NUTTY. I love Lo, my dear, passionate, strong , hilarious friend. The other night we met each other outside of the Sandbox party (after being rejected at all entrances, thanks) and had our own party with Ginger outside the fence. Good women.

Gotta get into the rain to get a million rolls of film developed (time spanning from middle of June until today).

Time is flying.

Liza, I am still working on your letter.
Lisa, I miss you girl. Can I book a haircut appointment in the Sasshole chair?

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  1. I have been loving your words lately. I am, in many ways, in a very alone space (not in bad way) and your words a very good company. I am glad you like the letters/paper. Thank you.

    I am stoked for a Montreal/New york? visit. Cat Power in New York. Dream. The home inspiration photos you posted - unreal. Amazing. Also, fyi - I have been going hippy-town on my diet lately and forever. No shitty eggs here.