Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lady Longbody's.

Brain Break. Lisa King taught me that. Whenever one becomes tired while working on a project (or anything for that matter), one can simply stop and say, "Brain Break" and that is it. A rest. I have been resting/roosting/nesting pretty hard; as hard as I ever have these past weeks in preparation for our Great Migration to the Land of Talk. And somehow, amidst all the still, still chaos (we have some how managed to freeze the chaos in the air and thus are in limbo before we choose to jump into spiralling, looming vortex of change [at least, that is my current state of mind]), I have found fabric and stray sewing machines like cats. A collection has begun.

Introducing the concept behind my first line of Lady Longbody dolls, the longest dolls in the world. At least, that is what I am calling these things. Olga, Tilly and Bea have already been made. They are all different, all long, all unique and strange in their own ways, and all beautiful. When I look at them burst out laughing. So far so good, I think.

Yesterday I went to Grandma's to learn how to operate her age old Elna machine. Old haggard beast as old as the hills, but stitches a beauty line row on row when the time is right. Now I am sitting at Ronny Rouge's working on Leila while Ronny Rouge is away at her work, making kites to fly with her rough neighborhood kids. What a job, what a woman, what a workspace. My house is a right off due to empty boxes and low light, but hers is well equipped. Lately, I am eating sleeping swallowing fabric by the meter. The day Lisa chopped my nest off into a row bang made for my face, I found my jam! Dolls.

I have just started and am enjoying the playfulness in errors that come from nothing other that rookiedom. I like the challage of the machines. I swear. I had no idea the fabric stage of my life would begin this soon, but I am open and pleased thus far. I can't stop thinking of my wee ones clutching these long legged queens in their pretty sleeps. Keep close, take care all.

Love, M hat no hat.

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  1. Hi Megan - are you the Megan that I purchased a print through Martha Street last winter from? If so please email me