Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today Leo and I went on a long walk (approximately two hours long) through the pouring rain. It was nice. I picked up my pictures and then we turned around and cruised back towards the mountain. At one point I thought I saw Rebecca cutting through an ally wrapped up in her usual mountain of black scarfery, and I almost burst. It wasn't her. I could have wept. I didn't.

Leo fell asleep ten minutes into our journey which was an utter relief as we had a bit of a rough morning together. Schlemtown. The entire DAY of heavy rain brought upon that sharp feeling of reality. I acknowledged it and continued to stare out the window wondering what in god's name I will do with myself and my friend Leonard come winter. I need a sleigh! Fortunately, Montreal's wild weather hasn't really phased me yet (thanks to two planting seasons in extreme everything), but we will see when the snow flies. The idea of snow is insane; especially when one considers the fact that four weeks ago it was plus 35 here. WTF? While pushing the boychild up and over Mont Royal, my mind wandered aimlessly.

What to do, what to do? Dolls, cutting fabric, drawing, taking photos. What am I doing? I am a nanny and I am twenty four. What??????? Yikes.

In actuality, there is a general assembly meeting that I intend to attend in seven minutes (located only one minute and thirty seconds from my doorstep) at this gallery place called Articule. I am afraid. Afraid of what? I am not sure. I am afraid it will be dictated en francais only. I am afraid I will show up to a circle of chairs already filled causing me to squeak in dripping on the gallery floor without the words to explain myself. I am afraid but curious. Here I go. I will write more when I return. Wish me luck, or not.


  1. Good luck!
    Megan, I love the look of the dolls you are making! They are so darling! (they remind me of Tim Burton a little?) I would love to order a couple when they are ready!

    xoxo happy friday from a windy, warm and tired winnipeg.

  2. Luck to you!!

    I so wish that had been me you'd seen....