Monday, September 6, 2010


First rain day in Montreal. I am sitting at my new work desk eating orange slices out of a bowl and trying to think of something interesting to recount. Mitch is eating orange slices out of a bowl across the room at the dining room table (it looks like a lost lamb in this room). The home is coming together, slowly but surely. Nothing should be rushed in the wall hanging department--there will be plenty of time for that. This is actually one of my favorite stages in homemaking, the very beginning. Mitch and I started working on the kitchen first, as it was the only room with a clear path. Now the spices are up and out, along with the flour, oats, sugar containers, tea and things like that. I love being in the kitchen. On Saturday at the market (I went with cash and a list in hand this time, success) I found the best hanging cactus, a succulent also known as the Mouse Tail cacus. It looked clever, hanging there and couldn't resist. Besides, I need to pick up all the plants I can get before the market shuts down and it is too cold to walk home with a heaving Jade plant in my arms. Operation Jade, next Saturday. Anyway, its coming, pictures will be coming for a better visual. I like it though. The living room is amazing now that it has been emptied with the last tenant's things! WHOOO! Room to make stuff. There is so much room, tall, tall, tall ceilings, hardwood, moldings. Mitch alphabetized the records this afternoon while I baked a sour cream coffee cake (still in the oven, the room smells like cinnamon and brown sugar).

I am getting squirrely without a job. At least I can really clean the house now that it is meagerly filled. I don't have anything to write. I wish I had a sewing machine here. This is ridiculous. Sorry Grandma, I got nothing.

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