Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Corner Cupboard.

I have settled into a little for-now routine, guilt free! Mitch goes off to work, brave face and I get up and either force myself into my Lou Lem's and running shoes, or the preferred garment of choice, my kimono. Then it is cleaning time, swish swish swish, with thirteen projects at once in a great flurry of flapping and wiping and sweeping. Mitch laughed at this cleaning style when he learned it, the ongoing and open ended activity. I prefer it. I thrive in it. I could also never make cash as a cleaning lady because my clients would be frightened.

Oh shoot. Now I am writing about cleaning, aren't I? But seriously, I really love being at home. I love "puttering around"--Annie/Helen/Kim style as they have been known to call it. These matriarchs have taught me the way of the clean. Thanks ladies. Annie, you're dead and gone but not forgotten. These days I putter and put things back in their rightful places and I like to think I keep a good house. I can only imagine having more than one floor to take care of, never mind the constant cycle of activity with the addition of additions and more people! But this is the time in life for simplicity, thankfully, and it only takes one round of fresh water to mop the whole house. A few days ago, I was talking to my pops on the phone about simplicity. He encouraged me to appreciate it now, present day, because the more one has, the more complicated things become. He is right. There is no 700K mortgage looming, there is no garage to fill, there are no babes to clothe (too bad, Baby Zara here KILLS it in the style department. Stripes for all!), there is just love to cherish and grace to extend and patience to learn and laundry to fold (did I mention how psyched I am about the washing machine located in my kitchen?!?!). Thanks for the reminded to relax, dad. I love you. It's almost your BIRTHDAY. Awesome.

Anyway, upon Michelle Hooey's recommendation, I visited this tiny store close to my house on St. Laurent called Monastiraki, a cute little gallery, boutique, print shop, Mom and Pop, odds 'n ends type place that welcomes putterers like myself to open flat drawers spilling with prints upon prints and drag fingers across the many collections of old papers, scraps, feathers, old hats, and maps that dot the store. Basically it is a dream shop. Erin you will love it. I already did a trade with the owner, Billy. I found two old photographs in one of the many drawers (one is of a clapboard house that I would someday like to putter around in, surrounded by trees of course), a handmade change purse, and some little papers that have now found a home on my giant bulletin board above my work table. I was short on cash and he waved it graciously. In turn, I brought him some stuff that suited the shop.

Time to bomb some hills downtown to pick up some rolls of film a la Monteal. With fingers crossed, I am praying these turned out. If not, yikes. Check out Flickrtown after this evening, I am sure it will be stacked to the tits with fresh goods.

Be well, I am. Thanks for reading. Also, if anyone feels led, feel free to mail a letter to the address below and I will write back!

#11-283 Laurier av Ouest
Montreal, QC
H2V 2K1

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