Saturday, October 30, 2010


"What a pity she didn't sell that bonnet to you for two dollars, but it is a set you know", the old Polish bird croaked as she leaned in real close and puttered around my spot at the long wooden table heaving with blankets, baby clothes and woolens.

What a pity indeed. I love when I hear that phrase, clipped short and sweet in its own little way. Makes me think of Helen, Helen, Helen.

Nice Saturday today with the low lying dark, clouds heavy and throwing pails of rain onto the fresh wash hanging on the line to dry. Damn, that always happens. We went out anyway, ignoring the laundry and went about the usual Saturday routine that I so look forward to with the close of each work week. Goodbye Leo, hello Saturday afternoons in the city with my guy. Mitch and I wandered and ran into two friends; one old and one new. JJ, host of last night's Halloween pre gate night party at Casa Petshop (she was the best Yummy Mummy I have ever seen [dead baby et al]) and Nick, this charming man with sterling character that I have heard so much about. A quick hello with Nick in the middle of the street in front of Arts Cafe and a quick plan of dinner for four when Jillian comes.

Off to Drawn & Quarterly we went to pick out a new children's book by the beloved M. Kalman (What Pete Ate A-Z) and then we wandered to Monastiraki for some more letter writing supplies, old photographs and a quick look book for my Mitch. So many jewels in there, so hard to choose. Emily at the till tipped us off of a church basement bazaar going on around the corner and off we went again, two heads in the rain.

I love basement bazaars and this one did not disappoint either: two skirts and a sweatshirt of perfect proportion. From there we walked back home. I made sweet oatmeal cookies while drinking a cup of tea. Mitch worked on a new drawing for a print he has cooking. Tiny, elaborate and ornate frames with rolling scrolls, he is very good. Now JJ is on her way over to play a game and watch a horror movie. Halloween at home, costumes optional.

Below is a photo of Leo wearing a pair of swim goggles. He was into them! I have no idea why, but he kept them on his face for ten minutes just chilling, watching the world around them through aquamarine glass. What a weirdo. I love him.

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