Sunday, October 24, 2010

You splice up my life.

Rebecca, hello out there.

Rebecca, I miss you.

Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca.

Rebecca, I found these two photos today while on a wild cupboard cull and promptly taped them together and scanned the shit out of them as fast as I could. I also found a lost roll (sans digital files) of photos of you and Grant in Kawaii Crepe and one GREAT shot (split between two frames) of you and your man leaning against those classic grey-blue slats of Papa Georges. I miss you two.

Now there is a great chain of Grant and Rab moments frozen in time taped to the wall above our work table in the sewing room. Wish you could see it, you would laugh aloud. Damn, what I would give to hear that laugh ring out in my long home. Dinner is on, vinyl is about to be selected: Townes Van Zandt in honor of you and Grant and Sir Iaan.

Missing you like only a French woman on a motorbike can miss a heavy-earringed woman dancing in alone in a Factory.

Ex oh, ex oh,
Francoise forever.


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  2. francoise of my heart--you are on my mind so much of late! i love this photo and keep revisiting it so as to see us in such vacinity to one another--if only in camera version. Christmas a la Devendra and Lady Lou on the corner of Young&Balmoral MUST at least somewhat be comprised of you sitting for hours in my livingroom, letting the night slither by and drinking one (three) bottles of poverty wine. keep an eye on your post--i have black/white penmanship sailing towards you as we speak. missing you x more than my tired fingers have the ability to write right now.

    love to you!!