Monday, November 29, 2010


It is Doll season at the Sad House. Long limbed creatures are blooming out of the corners (Jill, Auntie Sue), it is nice. I was suddenly sad this evening after a good day with Leo. I kept thinking Auntie Marj's voice at Reimer gatherings. Anyway, sometimes there are tears.

So I have been busy, holing up and away, darting out now and again, but sewing. Thus the neglect. Je m'excuse. It is nice, although I am still learning to jump in. Percy, Hilde, Rhoda. Bodies are lying around. Fabric falls under Simple Canvas or Interesting Floral. I am going to take the dolls to work tomorrow and see what Leo does. I am going to try to make that kid the CRAZIEST doll for his first birthday. December 11, 2010, Leo turns one.

So Leo and dolls. We went to the french daycare today. The Blue starfish snowsuit with the flare stroller chicken boy vs. Crazy bob rock solid Chinese beauty who loves to ram strollers into walls . Making friends, ripping out other people's hair, holding two balls of different sizes at once with the craziest grin on his face, that is Leo at daycare. Shitting in the playhouse. Haha. Leo. What a guy. He grew today, a whole bunch over the last three days apart! It is nuts how fast babies grow. Whoa! His entire face changed. He is cuter in the tub now! I took a lot of tub pictures today. Almost a quarter of a roll. It was ridiculous. So I like Leo, a lot.

Today was so balmy. That is the most appropriate adjective I think. Little whitecaps of snow, fleeting snow. I like Montreal weather! When it's good, its good. The cold gets me (probably because I refused to wear a proper coat up until about two weeks ago). But I have a real jacket this year, and two types of good boots and warm clothes and the best toque for my weird little head. The rain is coming apparently. Cold rain.

Life here is good. Gotta sew I think.

Beige, you're up.

If anyone is interested in a Lady Longbody soft doll for Christmas they are going for 40 each or two for 65. Request or get a surprise. I am trying to learn how to make little jumper but all I can do right now is just put together limbs. Time will tell. All of the sudden the Christmas rush is on. Too soon, whoa. Anyway, if enough people would like one (or three), or a pre-ordered drawing, I would love to set up camp (like a tiny Craft Sale, a tiny Margot Polo Presents sale?) somewhere for pick up. Let me know, anyone.

Love to all and to Auntie Marj throwing feathers from somewhere. Aghhhhh, le sigh.

Breathe. Here is a window into the work room this evening.

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