Friday, November 5, 2010

Margot Polo Presents.

One paw in a bag of my grandmother's cookies (oatmeal raisin) and another resting against a freshly sewn leg lying on top of its partner's busted knee. While the Doll Factory is not quite ready for business, it is open at last. Today the doors swung wide at the sight of a pretty Singer sitting in a row of ladies. It was the first machine that called me.

Singer Stylist 522.

The machine itself is my favorite color (winter white) and it sounds very nice when in operation. It was sold with a beautiful little sewing table complete with a wooden top that parts like a hairline with arms that swing on hinges when opened. It has a little angled drawer for bobbins and pin cushions and tapes and little things like that. It is very beautiful on it's bowed legs (like a Great Dane named Lee Ronaldo) with the quiet bevels. At the time, I was traipsing up St. Laurent with my parents after a heavy smoked meat, dill pickle, spicy pepper, mustard, fried chips meal when we passed the sewing shop that I have been prowling restlessly and pennilessly for weeks now. I am sure the employees took me for a shoplifter up until today.

Christmas come early to Montreal. Thanks ma and pa, this is really the best gift I have ever received.

I just made a Lady Long Bod for the first time in a long time. I have some serious troubleshooting to do, some extensive research and a whole lot more experimentation in the cards before these things are ready. But I am on my way! Ohhhhhhh, stuffing a tiny leg never felt so good.

Coming soon to all, an Etsy store called Margot Polo Presents consisting of a line of dolls: Lady Long Bodies with their long limbs and soft hearts, and Lucy Goosies, pretty fowl friends; prints, paintings and books. Time to get serious. Mom and Dad, thanks a million. Everyone, feel free to place your bets and your orders (soon). Also, let it be known that I laughed aloud at myself this evening when I realized (after far too much work) that it is nearly impossible to turn an inside out doughnut inside right. Learning curve. I have a healthy bit to learn.

One more also, it feels wonderful to share my new city with my parents. Today we cruised St. Laurent, ate some Schwartz's, walked around, did some shopping for babies, home, shoulders, feet, living rooms and our tables. I almost forgot how fun it is to shop with my ma.

Party time. Speaking of time, it is time to hit the hay. The photo below inspires me in lots of ways (and to open the windows more).

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