Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wet faces.

I saw Aunty Marj early this morning in a dream, just before waking. I was in Thailand or somewhere similar, somewhere HOT. I was shooting photos of Erin, Tiff and Amy standing against a colorful brick background, their faces to the wall running along the edge of a canal. I was shooting and treading water simultaneously with Aunty Marj's old Nikon F3 [my only camera] that was somehow waterproof in the dream) when all of the sudden, Aunty Marj popped out of the water behind me, her head bursting out of the water. I thought it was a beaver at first! Nope, it was Aunty Marj. She said "Hi Megsie!" and I just cut her off and YELLED into her face how much I loved her and missed her. She ignored what I was saying and said "I am so happy here, swimming in the heat FINALLY" (this is a woman who loved the heat more than anyone I know). She did a few little tight laps in the weird little canal we were sharing and I kept looking at her dripping hair and shining eyes. Then as fast as she came, she went again, dipping down so deep to the bottomless depths. In the dream I remember thinking to myself, 'I had no idea she could swim like that!' with those strong strokes fresh in my mind's eye. Damn.

I woke up, threading it over and over until I was fully awake. Good morning Aunty Marj, whoa. That was nuts. I don't really have the words, I am just grateful the dream remained clear as day throughout my morning and afternoon with Leo. What a swimmer. What a woman. She is happy, where ever she is. She is in the heat, that much I know. Oh man.

Leo and I played outside in the MOUNTAINS of snow today. It is pretty surreal knowing that yesterday and today were his first ever experiences with snow. We made snow angels (I forced his arms and legs) and he just lay there laughing his little head off, a little confused and half blinded by all the white. I can't even count how many times he got himself up to standing in that little blue starfish getup and just bellyflopped face first, tongue out into the snow. This kid LOVES eating snow. It was nice.

All day I thought about Aunty Marj swimming deep down underneath it all. I miss her. I am turning into a sad sack.

Sad sac.
Sad sac.
Sad sac.

Wet faced sad sac.

Two letters to pop in the mail. One cup of tea to finish. Two new drawings, one for an old friend (finished!), another on the go. Leo is sleeping and my day is nearly over. Below is a picture of another wet faced creature, doing his own laps with a starfish in his mouth. My friend Leonard (three days until he turns one).

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  1. You will not be a sad sac forever. Maybe just for a little while. I love you. And I wish you were here with me today curled on my bed while I study for my lab exam tonmorrow - amongst the red checkered (ish) quilts.