Thursday, January 27, 2011

Between Lines Way.

Great Thursday! After a tough Monday and Tuesday in the work field, Leo and I had two really great days together. This morning he slept soundly until eleven. We met Mitch for a Jewish croissant at Cheskie's (more snap to it than a petit pain au chocolat) and a coffee at Naverino (Lo's counter). Lo's bakery supervisor, Anastasia, said the mom look suited me. So that's my look, huh. I laughed at that as I pushed Leo's orange buggy out the door with one hand and dipped my coffee good bye with the other. The afternoon went well together.

He is laughing so much these days. Everything is suddenly hysterical. Hey Leo, regarde! A ball on my head. Laughter. Leo, look here. An elephant. He giggles actually, it is so crazy to hear that everyday, get cheques for that! Awesome. So Mom, I am laughing more. We did his politically correct Recycling puzzle one hundred times and then danced for a bit while singing along with Adele. Leo is starting to sing. He has a real good ear for music already. And his dance! Arm flapping, lots of knee bending with a stupid grin on his face. I have quickly become akin to that Psycho Corydon Mother (you know the one I bet Erin) with the HUGE child strapped into his too small three wheeled stroller doing laps up and down the avenue. YIKES. On that note, it is incredibly nice to sing with and for someone every day, comfortably. He likes it too. Even in the streets. People laugh at us, babbling away.

For the parts of the day that I was alone, I floated on the idea of this new camera. A Russian camera being built by a Ukrainian worker, making it's ordered way. Crazy! This camera was apparently made in 2008 and has probably been sitting on a shelf since. It will definitely need to be broken in and used a bit. Roughed up. I can be so hard on my things, need to work on that. A new camera! Toot toot! Makes me want to hop on an Indian train. Train hat in India. Lately I have been thinking about a trip. The next trip. When that will be, I have no idea. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by writing not anytime soon, but not anytime soon.

Yesterday I had a crazy flash of Creme. Then again, I always think of him anytime I look at cameras (especially on the internet). A sudden idea for a project combusted in my mind, a collaboration of talents, each teaching the other. Creme has taught me the most and a lot about photography, in a read between the lines kind of way. Forman I've had teach in the same way, its a smart way. Lots of sporadic afternoons in the past 5 years were spent smoking dope and talking shop in his house, listening to awesome records new and old really loud. Each of us with our own headphones, which is the best way to listen to a record in my opinion. Then we would go to his room and look at all his gear. Pick up a camera, ask something. Look through it, pick out the best parts of everything you see through the lens. Focus, or don't. Listen to Cat Power, both of us holding something be it an old Super 8 movie camera or a Russian. You never know with that guy. He has lots of avenues, some are more heavily invested in than others. But he is consistent in quality. Oh Creme, miss you man. He also builds mopeds!

And that brings me back to India (I have never been).

I am interested in making movies, these days. Super 8. My grandpa won a camera auction for me (bless him) and there are three rolls just sitting in my cache, begging to be used. Creme has a few cameras and a bunch of experience shooting. I used to carry around a video camera EVERYWHERE when I was 16 or 17 (so strange, I know) just shooting, stupid teen stuff in people's parent's basements. Spookytown movies, those are plenitful. Getting really drunk for the first time, caught. Summer, riding a BMX and not knowing how to do tricks. Dusk, happy town kids eating tons of Freezies and then puking rainbows on the concrete pad in front of the Bank. Haha, this is what I filmed. What a wiener.

Now I would like to film an adventure. Just a couple of kids in India with cameras. God only knows what would ensue if there were rented motor bikes involved. This is dream, a goal, a potential. I am turning 25, gotta cut loose.

Bonne soirée.

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