Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunny and the strawberry.

One two three four projects going on at once on Leo's dining room table. Currently the Poulet is entertaining himself with a long piece of twine that he found god knows where, my Wigwam toque and one project out of four: Sunny, a new Year of the Rabbit rabbit made just for Avery (Leo is breaking it in). So far reviews have been starry and wordless--he keeps one rabbit foot in his mouth and the other in his hand, long rabbit ears and one arm holding a tiny strawberry dangling in protest. Oh sweet simple pleasures for a 14 month old.

Project two is my portfolio from last February. Leo's mama was interested in my process so I brought it along to work today and am looking forward to showing her the goods after 5 o'clock rock. Numero three is the new canvas envelope that I sewed last night after a hysterical stint and copious cups of late night coffee with my new roommate Lo. It is a work in progress with scallops and some pretty floral. It is a good direction, but not quite there yet. On the Re, big temps. Project no. 4 isn't really so much of a project but more of an order of operations. I have some 120 TMX film sitting waiting to be loaded into the Kiev.

I am so relieved that the portfolio has begun to take a sliver of shape! Hallelujah, praise the many moons and the new batch of Jean Guy and Indoor Earle jazz that arrived right around the time Lo and I were settled around the table yesterday evening, laughing in disbelief that we are now living together after years apart. Double hallelujah. It feels good to be home.

Here is a photo of the Poulet et moi (et Sunny, one Year of the Rabbit rabbit in a million to come for tots everywhere). Sunny, the new Sophie (does anyone else know about that weird rubber giraffe thing that was the cool thing for teething babies? Dayna knows, Olive had one. Leo has one. Sophie the giraffe, they are everywhere in Outremont, daycare, Mile End). Okay, we need to get out of the house, close a few doors on some of these projects for a while. And one more of my latest work in progress, Margot Polo's giant cloth stationary. Get ready 2011.

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  1. love love love the rabbit! The envelope? BAH. SO good! So so so proud of you sis.