Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tulip cookies.

I am happy to report that after I returned home from Leo's, clarity was found and leeway was made. The Print Media portfolio is very nearly finished, hallelujah. 15 rock solid pieces, most of which are new (this surprised me yesterday as I weeded through the past, plucking this and that, all the while throwing in the most surprising things). But it is strong, a single voice. My voice, my hand, my eye, I can really draw! Sometimes I straight up disagree with that, and other days I am pleased with what has come to fruition over the course of a year. Apparently, I have been drawing. It was interesting comparing the two portfolios on my bed, what change!

Yesterday was a difficult day with Leo, trying to stay out of Nelia the cleaning lady's way (hard to do with a one year old sometimes), with Mama Dance with your Baby class being cancelled, trying to kill time, trying not to sleep standing up. Anyway, an after work evening at my sewing machine was in order. Sainte Valentine swung by while I was out! JJ (bless your heart [shaped cookies]), delivered two Valentine care packages, personalized with mine and Lo's names. What a friend, that woman. Thanks girl.

Frin and I just hung up after a good and long conversation. It was midnight for her, lying on her royal bed starfished beside her man in Bali; eleven morning time for me, lying plank on Virginie's couch in Montreal. Talking to each other's sister. Oh man that was nice. I started bawling (all I do these days it seems!) five seconds in, I miss you Erin! I loved hearing Bali stories. It was so easy to listen to her familiar voice in the middle of a rice paddy and picture her BLASTING around Chatuchack Market, the bottom hems of YSL t-shirts pat pat patting her head as she raced from stall to stall. No one is a better or faster shopper than my sister. Oh Erin, happy honeymooning to you and Rude!

Below are some things I have been working on. The top image was something I drew before I left for the Plant in spring, must have been around Easter. I would kill for one of Grandma's tulip cookies today. Anyway, these are works in progress, some of which will be incorporated somehow into the non and photography related collections. Enjoy.

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  1. echo last comment: you are amazing. "i really can draw"!! yuppers. garanteed. xx