Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jacqueline du Pré.

Classical music goes hand in hand with the unfolding of Spring, in my shop at least. Last night unable to sleep (chest rattle crash BANG), I spring cleaned my bedroom to the likes of Ms. du Pré wailing on the cello. I love the sound of the cello. This concerto is beautiful. It is so thrilling to hear the orchestra falling in, like a rushing river of sound. Goodness, how I love the symphony. Jillian took me to the Winnipeg Concert Hall last Spring for my first experience. Plush velvet seats, four bodies in individual finery, jazz twirling up to the dark moon in an ally, wine in hand while people watching.

Once while at the ballet, a small girl approached for an autograph, mistaking me for a ballerina on recess (I was wearing Erin's ivory tutu and glugging a glass of wine). Unsure what to do at first, I signed as she sighed dreamily. I miss Winnipeg when I think of nights like those. Giles and I went quite a few times last Spring. I had never heard of throat singing until she came along and slipped a ticket into my paw. Away we went. For my birthday, she took me to see Carmen, the french opera by Georges Bizet. No turning back after that. Opera! Mon Dieu! Thrilling.

Spring to me is classical music in headphones (Brahms usually), washing windows outside in slippers, solo adventure with J Alba and rain photography.

Grey day today. Leo and I stooped it with hot coffee and high spirits. Lisa King arrives this afternoon by train! Hallelujah for visitations by dear friends. This reunion has been hotly anticipated for months. Looking so forward to stooping it with her, delighting in Leo with another adult, speaking English on the sidewalk arm in arm with one of my best friends, eating hot bagels and laughing on my bed like children. Oh the laughter, how I have missed Lisa's humor.

Spring is here, Montreal is confused. Last week was all sun and greenery, this week is snow and greys for days. Such is life. Enjoy the montage below, I found it on Youtube (and was introduced to Jacqueline du Pré in reading an interview with textile designer Jocelyn Warner.


Jacqueline du Pré Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85 Adagio. Moderato
Edgard Elgar The Philadelphia Orchestra
Photography by Daniel Barenboim.