Thursday, April 14, 2011


Carrots are steaming. Coffee drunk. Baby bum up. Face down. Dark Thursday. Sick chicken.

Poor Baby Leo, cross out the ear infection and ring up a throat infection. Banana medicine three times a day brings back memories from the good 'ol days: sitting on the kitchen counter, wrapped in my P. blanket, glugging the stuff back. For lack of a better word, he sounds heisch. Normally, Le Petit Poulet is a whirlwind of activity. He likes to run wild with a spatula in one hand, a sand pail in the other, banging around and making his presence known. Not today. He is a moping little rabbit, soft and furled into his no-no (which I think is Leo speak for blanket). He crawled into my lap today and just huuuuuuuuung out. Miracle on 34th Street with this mover and shaker. I lapped it up, my lap child (if only for one day).

Below are two out of twelve photos shot with my Kiev two weeks ago, newborn portraits. Big cheeks, little legs. Strange reflections in a giant floor mirror. New homes, and a new sense of family. Looking forward to watching two more babies grow in this new community. Baya, the mother of the twins (Leila in Jeremy's [Leo's pop] arms, Malek in mama arms) is so relaxed considering the potential hairiness that comes with having two newborns at once. I am continuously impressed with the families I come across.

Princess Leila in Jeremy's arms; Spring in Montreal, 2011.

Nearly edible newborn Malek and his ma; Spring in Montreal, 2011.

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  1. bahhhh Leila!! i want to pinch those little cheeks! such an amazing shot!