Friday, April 1, 2011

Swiss Family Meganson.

Before hauling my bicycle down the stairs to ride into the night, I cruised through some old photos of 2008. I really got into nannying that year and went as far as Europe to give it a shot. It was a family deal, not an au pair situation and I knew the kids going in. Thank the good Lord for that. 

Three years ago at the turn of Spring, I hightailed it for Switzerland leaving behind a mess of a life I had created. Forever running, this woman. Tristan and Madi kept it real, it was quite the learning experience. High speed trains were so scary, I was in constant fear of becoming lost. As the weeks wore on, I became obsessed with running in my spare time. Jill Sawatzky and I had been training for an upcoming half marathon and it only made sense to go it alone. Waking early to make lunches, clean up, make breakfast, pack the kids and then walk a mile to the station in Bassersdorf (a small town, 25 minutes from Zurich by train), ride to one school, walk to another, stop in at Zara, try on party, back on the train, home, RUN. It was an incredible experience to explore the countryside on foot. Tristan was four and insane, Madi was seven at the time and had to do all my wheelin' and dealin' over butcher, grocery and bakery counters as I knew not a lick of Swiss-German. 

It was quite the experience; I had nearly forgotten about it. Going to start running again; sweet retrospect.

Day off in Zurich, Switzerland; 2008.

Town of Bassersdorf, Switzerland; 2008.

Don't be fooled by those lashes; Switzerland, 2008.

Perched atop of a mountain in Thun; Switzerland, 2008.

First glimpse of Zurich outside the Hopbahnhof; 2008.

Zurich is striking; 2008.

Fight night; Switzerland, 2008.

Pulling into the Hopbahnhof in Zurich; Switzerland, 2008.

Madi at the playground; 2008.

Day off in Zurich; Switzerland, 2008.


  1. megs. so weird. i spent a summer in switzerland in 2005 and i trained and ran a half marathon also. maybe its all that mountain air. i'm so weirded out by this.....

  2. Peg leg-
    did you know Anabaptists AKA Mennonites trace their roots back to Zurich? It is where the first adult baptism went down. I'm so jealous of your time spent there. For reals.

  3. Hey Megs,
    We still talk about how much we loved having you over. You are by far the kids fav and now when Madi goes shopping she looks for things 'that are like Meganish'. She's got the look down too and is rapidly developing expensive tastes. Let us know if you want to come back - kids less insane this time. :) Also live closer to the station - 2 minutes flat..if you run.