Monday, April 11, 2011

Toddler time.

I am thinking about Le Poulet and he is only ten feet away, fast asleep with his arms above his ears. I am filled with love, even through the hysterical screaming. Upon entering Toddlerzone this grey morning, his mother wished me 'bon chance' and one 'get ready'. For what? For a toddler. The chick is morphing before my eyes. After Virginie left for work, I was left with a hysterical Poulet. He screams when he does not get his way, when he is mad, frustrated, annoyed, hurt. It is so painfully obvious that he wants to talk (or rather, be understood in his efforts to speak); he has been talking for months. Anyway, I learned such an incredible lesson in nurturing this morning. Normally my day with Leo begins with breakfast (screamfest), and then I zip around and tidy up, play on the floor making play soup or reading books until it is time for nap numero uno. Today I knew there would be no long haul nap (even though it was clear he was in dire need of a good snooze) as dance class started at 9:30. Instead, I took that screamer into my arms and just rocked him and rocked him until he relaxed into me. I think he just needed to be reassured that words will come (soon), that he is understood and loved by so many including me. I sometimes forget to tell him how much I adore him, it just goes without saying. But anyway, the house lay in ruins, dishes piled to the heavens and ignored it all went; Leo and I rocked back and forth behind a closed door in the soft light of morning, just me and him. Singing "if you like piƱa coladas, getting caught in the rain, bah bum bah bum bum" over and over until his little boy frame relaxed into sleep. I sat for a long time this morning, looking at Leo no more a baby, thinking of the beginning of our time together.

I hate waking him from sleep, but dance class was in order. We really shook it this morning, rumba, salsa, tambourines, shakers, you name it. Leo is only 16 months but he is quite a gros bebe (big baby) and it is hysterical to watch him interact with the other babies (who are much smaller). He was smitten with a plump little seven month old named Lilianne (gorgeous saucers) and kept crouching down to her level on the floor to offer her instrument after instrument. I had never seen him do this before as he is normally baby indifferent. Oh Leo. After class I ran errands and we zipped all over town in search of a track nut for my bicycle. No such luck. He was a good boy in all four of the bike shops we visited this morning, making people laugh left and right. Enroute to the last shop I knew of, I caught our reflection in a store window and said to no one "I am so happy". I really am.

Today I couldn't resist that one kitchen store I have been eyeing up for months. Knowing the quality ($$$) of the stock, I tend to skip on by just feasting my eyes on the displays through the windows. But Leo was chill on this rain Monday so I decided to go in in search of a zester. Well. Whoa. I could have spent four months rent in under 15 minutes, easy. Instead I bought the zester I needed and hightailed it out of there before I could get my greedy paws on anything else. Kitchenware, THAT to me is a wise investment. Spatulas, hand beaters (my goodness), flour sifters, KNIVES to die for, sieves fit for royalty, enamel pots, stainless steel pans, french cookware has me by the balls. I love it. I am going to try to take photos next time I go. If I ever own a shop, that is the kind of feel I hope it has.

This post was strange. Toddlers and french cookware. Who am I becoming? Haha, a mom. Looking forward to it!

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