Sunday, May 1, 2011

La Promenade au Musee.

PROMENADE AU MUSEE Album jeunesse en cours. Illustration by Mayumi Otero.

Promenade Au Musee is a work in progress collection of illustrations by artist Mayumi Otero, source initially found at Booooooom. I love the soft usage of transparency, what delicate lines. Tigers! Perfect. Makes my hunger for the print shop louder than ever. Growl, soon.

Today the bears go back to the woods for a May first meeting, back in the land by Wednesday. Rough up those hands. Liza, you are there! Hotel living, scrutinizing grocery lists. As you bear down, I am freeing myself from apron strings. My kitchen weekends will be down to a dull roar as I am now only a back up prep woman. Today was my first Sunday off in Montreal in many moons. I woke early and went decidedly back to my princess bed. Rose at noon, heard Laura laughing in her bed. Ha! Made a pot of coffee, Chanel rolled over with hot nanner muffins. Ate in the sun on the balcony. What?! Red necks, warm chocolate swimming in the channels of my gums. Blessed start to the day. Painted my toes Mango Time or whatever. 

Garage sailing on bikes with Lola and Chanel, found a pair of Cheap Mondays, roughed up and ripped. Perfect. Went on my merry way, just Jess and I in search. Came home, went back out to find the women in a children's park, bursting at the seams. Babies in stripes for acres, an empty fountain, trainwheels gone wild, bobbleheads on rollerblades, tiny Mister Potato Head glasses on a little head. Great afternoon. Came home to Casa Clark via Face Lane, and ended up talking shop and tuning bikes, Crown and coke with lime, boozing and jazzing the Sunday to smithereens. 

Six rolled around and I left for dinner at Ben and Tania's (my job at Em was to keep Ben's mise smooth runnin' on the line). Tania cooked Mama Columbian food. Cod drenched in the best flavor I have had in a long while. Fresh guacamole and fried plantains. Holy guacamole. What a dinner. We ate outside in the backyard on an after thought wooden table. Early Sunday dinner, talk of politics, the youth vote, ORANGE CRUSH. Ben made sure I watched Guns N Roses 'November Rain' music video, full at the dinner table at dusk, before leaving. Well, that was something to bear witness. 

While I long for the land and the company that comes in those conditions, the long solitary drives, named bush trucks bombing down logging roads with a jerry tank shoved behind my back for clutch leverage and a radio between my legs, 10-4 Birdman; I am so excited for summer in the city. Today was just a lick of what is to come. Wonderful. 

Bon Voyage, spring planters everywhere. 

Illustration by Mayumi Otero.

Illustration by Mayumi Otero.

Illustration by Mayumi Otero.

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