Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bell Island.

Here is to hoping the Kiev will handle any and all salt water spray because I am taking leave in two weeks and hauling the heavy beast along. A train trip is in order! Halifax, Nova Scotia here I come. Lord only knows where this adventure will lead. I can only imagine. July tenth I am set to board a train called The Ocean. Falling asleep in Quebec country only to wake to the Atlantic. Island living for eleven days at my friend Simon's childhood home. Can't wait to explore Fools Cove together on foot, aimless walking in a giant hat and bathing suit, diving for clams, porch poetry and lessons in cooking sea creatures. Holiday.

Fools Cove, Conception Bay, Bell Island.

Sailing, seafood and salt water.


On y va.

Sailing, sailing, sailing, sailing home. With __________ in my vessel I can __________ at the storm, __________ at the storm.

Sunday school songs of Christmas past lodged in thought. Red Rock bible camp, there is no escaping your tight grip on memory. No mistaking the loopy grin on my face today. Happy lady. Interesting what hopefulness a sudden journey in the wings can bring. My pa always says it is the looking forward part to a trip that he loves most. I couldn't agree more Cal. Leo and I zipped around the neighborhood today. Errands here, photocopies of poetry for Liza and Lynch. Then we found a Tonka truck resting on top of a junk pile on the sidewalk. Spray painted silver to boot. Leo almost shit his pants he was so excited. Dump dump dump. Dump truck double truck. Dumpedy duuuuump. Happy boy he continues to be, mon ami Le Poulet.

While speaking in short sentences with Lisa today, she brought me back to exactly this time last summer with two words: Percy Lake. Lisa and Jillian had kindly offered to drive me back to Dryden, Ontario to finish up the planting contract (after a week long break; and finish I never did). We drove alllllllll the way to Dryden, through Kenora only to turn back around and head for home. What an incredible journey that was: fancy fries at the craziest Golden Girls-esque lady diner in Dryden, an afternoon dip in Percy Lake on the side of the No. 1 highway, one hundred rolls of film, sad eyes knowing how hard it would be to tear myself away from those women. Tear I did. But not before freezing laughter and nakedness with camera and film.

Percy Lake, we will be back.

Giles and Margot; Percy Lake, Ontario 2010.
Ilford 35mm B&W double exp.

Hi Vis and raspberry lips; Dryden, Ontario 2010.
35mm slide film, double exp/ X process.

The one and only Giles; Percy Lake, Ontario 2010.
Ilford 35mm B&W, double exp.

Boots and No Pants; Percy Lake, Ontario 2010.
35mm slide film/ X process.

Turd Burgs; Percy Lake, Ontario 2010.
Ilford 35mm B&W double exp.

Season fin; Ontario 2010.
35mm slide film/ X process.

The one and only Lisel; Winnipeg, Manitoba 2010.

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