Monday, June 13, 2011

Lee Godie.

The work of Lee Godie hooked me like talons when I stumbled upon it via the Dossier Journal yesterday evening (the fear of dying behind me, expelled by writing. Bodies are temporary, life is precious). Enchanting and wee bit crazy by the looks and sounds of things, my kind of woman. Childlike but decisive, her scope of color is so warm and delicate. Beautiful colors. My favorite piece is found at the bottom of this modest pile aptly titled 'Portrait (Blue-eyed Woman in Orange Top and Hat)'.

Rest you, Lee Godie. You have found yet another fan in me.

Caris Reid for Dossier Journal, sheds a little light on the eccentricities of the artist:

Lee Godie was a Chicago based outsider artist, who spent much of her adult life homeless, selling her paintings in front of the Art Institute of Chicago for $5 or $100, depending on her mood.  Now her paintings can be found at auction houses, selling for thousands of dollars.

* Excerpt taken sans permission from Dossier Journal, click here to see for yourself.

SA Women (A Woman with Orange Leaves)
Paint and pen on canvas

The Seagull (Pink Seagulls)
Paint and Pen on Canvas

Gibbson Girl (sic)
Paint on Canvas

Miss Gibbson (sic) (Gibson Girl in Profile)
Ballpoint Pen on Canvas

Portrait (Blue-eyed Woman in Orange Top and Hat)
Paint and Pen on Canvas


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