Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday salute.

Cal, my dad; Rosenort, 2007.
I love you; Amsterdam, 2007.

Summer haze over here. Woke with the day well on it's way, gasping at the time while rising. Lazy everything; beans and eggs with coffee, bare shoulders, no clothes, bathing suit bottoms, little shoes. 
Chanel came over and the nothingness of the day ensued. We wandered and plucked, ate ice cream and poutine, saluting our dad's in between sips of cans of cola, the hot sun on our shoulders through the open window at the sandwich shop. 

Happy Father's Day pops. Love you a lot. 

Peter Pana Puff; Winnipeg 2008.
Sugar Shack; 2008.

Canada's Greatest Dad; Winnipeg, 2007.

Sprinkler duty; Rosenort, 2008.

Like bees to the hive; Gimli, 2008.

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