Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ash bows.

Found some negatives lying around (my scanner is finicky as hell). A mountain walk, Charles mid statement, a reflection in the window of an Ethiopian restaurant on Avenue du Parc. 

Bon fin semaine. Hot bike rides, splash parc, errands, coffee, back balcony breakfast courtesy of Chanel--who's singsong woke me at noon this morning. What a nice way to rise. Made me miss my ma's morning singsongs. Wakey wakey Megsy. 

The heat cracked this morning and the wind is coursing through our breathing apartment at the moment. Glorious wind. Radio Classique is on, strings tonight. I spent the top of the afternoon on the same mountain on which the Ash bow photo below was shot. Tam tams on a hot Sunday with Pat and Ryan, my planting brothers.

Ash bows for sweet dreams; Mont Royal, Montreal 2011.
Always something to say, Charles; Montreal 2011.

Where's Wenda? Who knows what happened here; on Ave du Parc, Montreal 2011.

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