Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Île aux Chèvres.

Parisian dad feeds baby. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; July 2011.

Life is bon. Summer in Montreal has been incredible. In the clarity of hindsight, I am so grateful to have been able to spend the season in its entirety riiiiiiiiight here, at home. The east coast holiday was top notch, a cherry on top. A few weeks ago, Virginie (Leo's ma) invited me to her chalet that has been in the family since she was a baby. Situated on Goats' Island, you can see Laval and Montreal's downtown clear as a bell from their dock. The mighty St. Lawrence lies between their chalet and the city. Pleased as punch, we packed up and took off to the boat launch in Laval on a Friday. She invited her friends Sara and Laurent and their baby Marie, who were visiting from Paris.

It was a French afternoon. I was invited in to the french flow and was happy to sit on a blanket with that GORGEOUS naked babe (two naked babes when Leo woke to join Marie and I). While the babes slept, we waded in the river, drank beer, explored and took turns with the cameras lying around. Here are some shots I like. 


There is something to this that I love. Laurent's index finger, I think. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; July 2011.

Hi little girl! This is Marie, she will age like a dream. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; July 2011.
Leo and his dad in the St. Lawrence. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; July 2011.

Two little babies sittin' in a row. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; July 2011.
Creature parents. Île aux Chèvres, Quebec; July 2011.


  1. I would LOVE to have a cabin on that island! Can you tell me who to contact? there must be some kind of a coucil of the island?...

    Great pictures!

    Sebastien Caron

  2. I am also interested in knowing about buying a chalet on that island. I've been searching the web for an hour without any hints.