Monday, September 19, 2011

Le Poulet goes to school.

First day of preschool. 
This was the moment he realized life was about to change drastically. Poor guy.
Through his papa's legs on the first day of school.
Choosing the right chair.
Leo discovers the miniature kitchen just behind the shelf. Thank God.
Raise your hand if you feel weird.
Thank goodness for dads.
At the end of a hard day; soother in mouth. Pictured with Leo is the class Biter.
Through the looking pane at the end of Leo's first day. Proud nanny!
Back to the place he knows best. Day one, you are OUT.
Balance bike for a tiny tot named Leonard!


  1. This album tells his story so well. Him through his father's legs is worth a thousand words! Their family is so lucky to have had you shoot such a changing day. Bravo baby. You are going far. You know it.

    <3 Chanel

  2. Holy fuck, I don't even know if you get these comments, but this day can NEVER COME for Willa. I will die.

    Cruising the archives and missing you, MDocteur.