Friday, September 2, 2011

Print and DYE.

Rolled out of bed this morn and hustled downtown to run a few errands and drop off some paperwork at Concordia. I wandered around, familiarizing myself within the walls of the university buildings and eventually made my way to the EV building where all of my classes will take place. My studio classes are on the seventh and ninth floor. Came across the Printmedia studios first. Dear Lord, help me. Delicious. I could smell the solvent through the double doors.

Then I found the door to the Fibres Print & Dye studio. Beautiful. Just the idea of taking a class that combines fabric and print makes me want to SCREAM with joy. I so look forward to stepping through those doors this Wednesday. Wild. I saw the screens stacked neatly inside, aprons ready, not to mention so many things I had no recognition of their use. Exciting new tools, new procedures. I live for procedure work with quality production!!!!!!

Just looking in I was reminded of Jeanette, who is set to begin her masters studies in lithography (I think), a labor intensive form of printmaking. GORGEOUS freaking rooms, the print rooms filled with presses. They blew away. Some dude found me lurking in an empty hall and invited me into the serigraph studio for a firsthand look. Since I could smell it, I went straight to the back and inhaled. Sweet familiarity. Work tables, tilted light tables with room to tuck your knees under on a high chair (my favorite place to spend time), spray booths lined with rules and protective gear. Rules! I have a hunch my wild and free color mixing days are dead and gone. Hellooooo Pantone whatever. Shit. It will only be good for me. Anyway, it felt so bizarre to wander through a place totally foreign but also familiar.

Here comes the weekend. I took the day off today with Chanel's advice in mind: before any big change, take a holiday. Sound advice. Holiday mode commence.


  1. So exciting. I want my kids to be able to go art school if they want to...sounds like a dream.

  2. It is such a pleasure to be able invest in the trades in which I have found my way. My parents are incredible and have always been gracious with my path. It feels so wonderful to know that I have reached an age where I just know and have faith. It is time. Thanks for words. I want to teach art to kids, but first to the studio!! I have no doubt your kids will make good choices.

  3. This sounds amazing Meg.

    Letters will be sent off as soon as possible.

    The summer of heaven/hell has happened.

    A bientot,