Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Confrontation.

Young Lady on a bridge. Ektar 100.
Bad Times in Montreal. I was able to be an extra for a friend's film production over the weekend. It was exciting! Being in front of the lens was more comfortable than anticipated. It was a real honor to watch my friend Shannon in character as the Young Lady. There were moments I forgot she was a character. I took photos throughout the course of the day whether Brian's cameras were rolling or not. Extra, extra. Haha, such a rook. I think I will stick with illustration and photography for now.

Fabric printing (silkscreen) begins on Friday. Interestinggggg.

Good one. Shannon in character.  Porta 800.
Young lady, friend 1 and 2. Retake walk. Ektar 100.
Guillaume, relaxed as the day is long. Porta 800.

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