Thursday, October 13, 2011


My parents came to visit in Montreal! Thanks. Guys.
Giving. Thanksgiving light cast on a long table surrounded by bodies. I was intoxicated while shooting these photos. Party! Enjoy, incorrect exposure et al.

Candle lit cracker station. Montreal, October 2011.
Ode to Bourdain. Em kitchen family on Thanksgiving Sunday. Montreal. October 2011.

Vanessa's cake.

Alex and Reneau, her handsome admirer.

Benoit et Christiane.
Favorite shot of the night. This sums up my life well. Chanel at rest.
Alone in the work room with a tripod. Print by Raymond Biesinger.


  1. great photos!

    love the shot of your parents & of ben and christiane. you are a film goddess. thanks for capturing my food-baby pose post-mealtime.

    here's to shitting!

    clearly I love you,
    love Janelle.

  2. HERE IS TO SHITTING. WOMEN WHO SHIT. Us and everyone else. That felt good. I love you Chanel.

    Love, W.H.Y.

  3. Oh the missing has reached new heights / plummeted to new depths.

    You know you love me.

    R. Anne M.

  4. Meg! That photo of Chris and Ben is bonkers! Old world glam through and through.