Monday, March 30, 2009

Everything can go.

One of my guilty pleasures in life is coming home from work, kicking off my clothes, putting on long johns and my kimono and browsing through a handful of my favorite design sites on the internet. Sneak peeks into the homes of various artists I admire featured on said blogs/websites are my personal favorite.

Today I stumbled upon a proverbial window into the home of letterpress printer Jordan Provost. Amazing taste. This is the way I would dress my home if I had a home to dress. Thoughtful, warm, inspiring, interesting, creative, bold. Amazing taste, indeed. This is a home to sit down to an insane meal and roost for hours in. I bet it looks phenomenal at night. Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment (considering what I have to work with); but owning a home is obviously permanent (more or less). Llife giving on a more longer lasting basis. With this entire packing up and moving house ordeal that is looming (four weeks? Shit) has been a semi pleasant reminder to me of what should stay (forever) and what should go. I am psyched to report that my bed, the kitchen table and the hanging chair (that I found in one of my ex boyfriend's basement and bought for a sinfully low price) are the only pieces I am attached to. Everything else is replaceable, I think. Keeping with this mindset, I think I will actually be able to pack now. Enjoy these homes as picture below, I sure have.

Below are a number of other photographs I have compiled over time. Too many hours spent perusing the homes of strangers. This home below is one of my favorites. Owner unknown, sadly. Below that are a number of others taken from individual living spaces. I am drawn to industrial looking pieces, Danish furniture design from the 70's, mauve, grey, inviting chairs/couches, plants, checked flooring, and properly framed art. But that is just me.

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