Thursday, March 26, 2009

Father/daughter bonding, 30 feet up.

We are all going bananas in the country at my parent's house in preparation for the mother/daughter Minneapolis trip set for six bells tomorrow morning. Everyone is hyper, it is out of control. From my safe haven in the computer room, I can hear my mother shrieking at the TV, her and Erin outraged that Casey(?) is still a part of Hell's Kitchen.

I laughed at them and shook my head as I rolled through the archives on their computer and found this amazing photo of my dad. He built this giant structure that we are casually roosting on below, 30 feet up from ground level, just chilling. This man is Spiderman, or very close. Maybe even kinder. Notice how his cute little Birkenstocks are dangling? All upper body strength in this photo, in this man. I was psyched to have found this, taken two summers ago at the building site he was working on (and nearly pitched to his death on). He lived, I lived, we are alive. Thanks for passing on the not-afraid-of-heights gene, Cal. You rule.

Your kid, Megsie.


  1. As entertaining as Hell's Kitchen is and can be, I "laugh and shake my head at them" as well. True cooks don't need a competition to prove that they're the best. They just know.