Monday, October 12, 2009

Coat in my throat.

One more thing: no trouser's were found (I gave up/lost all faith after combing every last one of the racks at Zara [to no avail which is okay because I have come to the conclusion that trousers are for thirty year olds who have a handle on their finances]) but I did rope in one hell of an unnecessary jacket. Get ready, Winnipeg. Keep your eyes peeled for a walking hairball on heels come Wednesday. Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.

Her Madgesty is en route, faux fur et al.

*JJ and Richard, I miss you already (I am still in your white and wood living room). Shit.

Also, here is a list of the new vinyl safely stowed in my carryon. It is going to be a very good winter.

- Timber Timber
- Dev's Cripple Crow
- old, old Fleetwood Mac
- Bell Orchestre
- Mt. Eerie
- Vetiver
- old Band of Horses

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