Monday, October 19, 2009

Company's coming.

Oh me oh my. This home is utterly undoing me.

Today was nice. Three men who would easily fall under the 65-70 category flirted relentlessly with me over my familiar counter at the bakery today. The lengths some people will go for a free refill. Regardless, their charm worked like a charm. There is just something about the twinkliness of old men's faces that gets me every time. I am sitting at yet another bar, poaching internet like it is going out of style in my new neighborhood. The post work suit crowd is filing up and down and comically juxtaposed against the neo-hippy, the homeless, the art fag, the graphic designer and the wanna be sartorialist demographic that takes up the bulk of space in here. It feels good to be a part of the mix, not quite in, not quite out. Just right.

My home is getting close to warm. This is good.

I am anxious for my company to arrive! I can barely type I am so excited.

I wish the home below was mine. Then again, I am NOT complaining; I am in love with my new one.

Too much coffee. This is bonkers.

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