Monday, November 30, 2009

Craft Buffet, season one.

Hello, dear people! Craft Buffet, season one is nearly upon us.

Guess what? I am hosting an art sale at the end of December along with Lisa King and Heather Bays of I Heart Arts (click to check them out). We are calling this event Craft Buffet because it will be a shitmix/smorgasbord of art and crafts. Enlarge the poster for more information. This is the first poster of two! Keep your eyes peeled as they pop up around town and be sure to spread the good word.

We want to throw an art party in the middle of the afternoon because we believe in the young artists of this city. I do at least. Winnipeg has a really good art scene and our fingers are crossed that the Craft Buffet will help better establish some of Winnipeg's hidden talent. We are starting small, but would be psyched if people are into the idea. I just made the poster, it is fresh as. Enjoy.

If anyone is willing to take five posters (or so) to put up in legit places, send me a message or call my cell. We are excited. Yes we are. Oh, we have a blog in the making for said event. Click HERE to see.

Danke schoen.

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