Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gizzy and I.

One day before the turn of Sister Spring, Mother Winter dropped off the last good news of the season from far, far away. I got in. I am going. I am taking Plan Whatever and crossing my fingers, throwing my caution and my curiosity to the wind and I am just going for it.

I am taking my loves M and JA, my pens, some records in an amoungst his millions. We'll hitch a ride with our meager belongings and try our hands at being young and in love in an unfamiliar town. How exciting. The Year of the Tiger, this is my year. This is his year too. This is both of our years. I am excited.

In other news, hell is now skate/skiable due to the simple fact that I am moving into a 400 square foot apartment with a cat in two days. Jaws swing. Gism the Cat and I will probably end up being fast friends. That furry little turd. All for love. Everything for love.

Art school.

Lo? Will you be ready to meet me at that top-bunned baby-holding statue near Concordia with a newspaper covering your already-wet head in September? Better be.

Adios. I have a birthday party to attend. With feathers in my hat and a cocktail dress hanging just so, I will raise my glass beside the grey suited man to my friend Sula. Through the thick and through the thin. To you, dear woman. This is your year too.

2010, give us everything of what you've got.

Good Spring to you.


  1. Well, the wind has been blowing.

    Hallelujah, M.D.

    I am ecstatic about this news.

    ragged anne

  2. Of course you got in. A lowly clerk in the mail room could take half a glance at your portfolio and put it immediately in the "scholarship" pile.

  3. Yeah, Madge! Saw it coming... Way to go!